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Ruyangosaurus giganteus - forgotten giant # ??? by Paleo-King Ruyangosaurus giganteus - forgotten giant # ??? :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 65 38 Paluxysaurus jonesi hi-fi skeletals by Paleo-King Paluxysaurus jonesi hi-fi skeletals :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 55 7 Brachiosaur comparison by Paleo-King Brachiosaur comparison :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 72 27
List of Biggest Dinosaurs
The largest dinosaur in terms of mass and volume is probably some sort of titanosaur. As of now.....
Here's how the biggest titanosaurs rank out in first-last place:
1. Tie between Alamosaurus (referred Mexican fibula + Fowler & Sullivan's neck centrum), Puertasaurus (1 cervical, 1 dorsal, 2 unpublished caudals) and the "Chubut Monster" (majority of skeleton from at least six specimens). All of of these animals appear to top out around 120+ ft. long and probably 100 tons.
2. Tie between Argentinosaurus and the "MLP Monster" (briefly mentioned by GSP, 1988 with estimate measurements, and lost to history since). Both of these animals were probably pushing 110+ ft. long and 80-90 tons
3. Tie between Ruyangosaurus (cervical rib, anterior and posterior dorsals, additional unpublished dorsals, dorsal rib, upper femur, tibia), Notocolossus (dorsal and caudal vertebrae, foot, and limb elements) and "Argyrosaurus" sp. (the larger referred femur FMNH 13018)
:iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 31 112
Supersaurus vivianae by Paleo-King Supersaurus vivianae :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 84 34 So you want to draw Huanghetitanids? by Paleo-King So you want to draw Huanghetitanids? :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 68 45
Our March - 'Die Paleo-Kompanie'
(The new anthem of the Paleo-Nazis - to be sung to the tune of "Die Braune Kompanie"  any time you get trolled by "awesomebros" or other living Godwin's Law exhibits)
I still am young on years of life,
I still am far from death;
But I have witnessed “awesomebros”
attempt to choke our breath.
And though my luck does raise me up,
I give first thanks to thee:
I pledge to you my loyalty, O Paleo Company!
I pledge to you my loyalty, O Paleo Company!
Already some have been ripped off
From our Paleo-Korps
The bells of victory, now clang,
my arm and brush, exhort!
I swear and I renew that Oath
that Paleo-King did sing -
“I pledge to you my loyalty, O Paleo Company!”
“I pledge to you my loyalty, O Paleo Company!”
So struggle forth like dinosaurs,
til Fraudsters' whining shall end;
Accuracy and copyrights,
with tooth and claw defend!
And Araucarias be strewn
Upon our victory!
Serve you, I shall, in loyalt
:iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 13 7
Brachiosaur Death's Head by Paleo-King Brachiosaur Death's Head :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 25 14 Giraffatitan brancai UNCENSORED! by Paleo-King Giraffatitan brancai UNCENSORED! :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 108 45 Brachiosaurid skull comparison by Paleo-King Brachiosaurid skull comparison :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 82 14 Titanosaurs and other Somphospondyli by Paleo-King Titanosaurs and other Somphospondyli :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 45 35 The Drinker by Paleo-King The Drinker :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 60 22 Sonorasaurus thompsoni by Paleo-King Sonorasaurus thompsoni :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 38 13 Cedarosaurus weiskopfae by Paleo-King Cedarosaurus weiskopfae :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 60 40 British Brachiosaurs by Paleo-King British Brachiosaurs :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 122 16 Abydosaurus mcintoshi skeletal by Paleo-King Abydosaurus mcintoshi skeletal :iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 98 42


We' re back...? by GetAwayTrike We' re back...? :icongetawaytrike:GetAwayTrike 54 5 Speared head by GetAwayTrike Speared head :icongetawaytrike:GetAwayTrike 103 13 Overosaurus paradasorum by javifel Overosaurus paradasorum :iconjavifel:javifel 24 0 Chuanjiesaurus by javifel Chuanjiesaurus :iconjavifel:javifel 35 4 Giraffatitan by Steveoc86 Giraffatitan :iconsteveoc86:Steveoc86 99 28 Brachs and Guests. by Franoys Brachs and Guests. :iconfranoys:Franoys 40 63 Young Queen / Chomper Skeletal by MrSamosaurus Young Queen / Chomper Skeletal :iconmrsamosaurus:MrSamosaurus 77 21 Destroyers by GetAwayTrike Destroyers :icongetawaytrike:GetAwayTrike 34 4 Oozing Lava by hitokirivader Oozing Lava :iconhitokirivader:hitokirivader 688 109 Tarbosaurus skeleton by Szymoonio Tarbosaurus skeleton :iconszymoonio:Szymoonio 84 35 Alioramus altai by GetAwayTrike Alioramus altai :icongetawaytrike:GetAwayTrike 35 12 Angolatitan adamastor by javifel Angolatitan adamastor :iconjavifel:javifel 14 2 Erketu ellisoni by javifel Erketu ellisoni :iconjavifel:javifel 31 11 Abrosaurus especulativo by javifel Abrosaurus especulativo :iconjavifel:javifel 9 2 Pick and run by Raph04art Pick and run :iconraph04art:Raph04art 1,051 49


So, this morning, I woke up to some excellent news. PeerJ had accepted our* new manuscript to their journal, & it was formally published this morning.

*Whaddya mean "our"? Well, this manuscript was not just my own doing. This is a project started all the way back in late 2010/11 as an SVP abstract/presentation, and a few years back I re-visited it with :iconbricksmashtv:
Gunnar Bivens.

We've worked very hard though, since December, to get this pushed out finally this year. That means... technically we're published scientists now!

This paper is on the enigmatic Ruyangosaurus, a poorly known lognkosaurian (yes, that hypothesis is correct) from the mid-Cretaceous of China. And yes, it likely is China's biggest dinosaur, given that it would outmass "Mamenchisaurus" sinocanadorum substantially, and that the latter is apparently known only from "a couple of cervicals" since GSP's confession. The dataset we assembled references the data matrices from a number of recent papers including Gonzalez-Riga et. al., 2016 (the Notocolossus paper), and so far the characters for Ruyangosaurus put it firmly in lognkosauria. The previous assignations of this giant to "Andesauridae" or "non-titanosaur somphospondyli" were based on a very limited number of basal characters common to most titanosaurs and/or most titanosauriforms, but there was very little mention of the derived characters of Ruyangosaurus.

Here's a taste of the goodness: the second dorsal in glorious high-resolution-
Ruyangosaurus D2.jpg
Fig. 1.

The full citation, as well as the link, is below:
Sassani N, Bivens GT. (2017The Chinese colossus: an evaluation of the phylogeny of Ruyangosaurus giganteus and its implications for titanosaur evolutionPeerJ Preprints5:e2988v1…

We've already received comments, & any more are always welcome to help out!

**So why did I say technically? Well, this was published as a preprint, which means it's not formally peer reviewed yet. It is, however, a valid piece of the scientific literature and contains a literal mountain of data, & therefore valuable nonetheless.


Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: A dinosaur museum/bone bed near you
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Somewhere between Otto Arco and Louis Cyr
Favourite style of art: that's rather self-evident...
Operating System: Anything but Vista!
Skin of choice: mammalian, watertight, preferably soft, hairless and well-insulated
Personal Quote: "It must be new or bust!"

I am a Paleo-Artist and Independent Paleontologist. I aim for both accuracy and elegance in my visual time-travel back to the Mesozoic, as is the case we observe in nature today. I have been featured in blogs, twitter, and even in a few very good books.


" It should be obvious to all right-thinking people that this [Nima's Brachiosaur Parade] is the single greatest piece of artwork ever executed by anyone, anywhere, at any time in history." - Dr. Michael P. Taylor, PhD…

"If I may say so, I feel Nima has cleaned up in the reconstruction category. (Love those voluminous bodies). " - David Maas…

"Just wanted to say this, you possess one (or perhaps the best) galleries of paleoart on DA." - Xenomorphia-Master66…

"Your fondness for sauropods is delightful, and your skills are formidable!" - Heatherbeast…

"Only Nima Sassani and Thomas Holtz are allowed to do science" - Jiddu


All images are my own copyrights unless explicitly noted otherwise. If you are interested in commissioning work or using any of my images in a paper, book, presentation or website, drop me a line at




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Dinosaurzzz Featured By Owner 6 days ago
What are the arguments for Dracorex and Nanotyrannus being seperate genera?
Paleo-King Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Dracorex is a pachycephalosaur, Nanotyrannus is a tyrannosaurid theropod. :XD:
Dinosaurzzz Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Argh, should have wrote that differently.

What I meant was what are the arguments for Dracorex not being a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus/Stygimoloch and Nanotyrannus not being a juvenile Tyrannosaurus?
Paleo-King Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Dracorex: the skull has essentially adult features including well-developed nasal spikes forming an interlocking surface. The sutures are fused. Keep in mind that Jack Horner's original paper casting doubt on Dracorex being its own genus, used a CAST of the skull, not the original skull! Stygimoloch is also likely its own genus, as Horner's 2012 paper on pachycephalosaurs notes that it actually shows evidence of bone re-absorption, something that in other dinosaurs is considered proof of aging. But he discounts that awkward little fact, as well as minimizing mention of small skulls attributed to Stygimoloch that don't show deep sutures. Apparently the dome of Stygimoloch was being reabsorbed which is the opposite of what should have been happening if it was a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus.

Nanotyrannus: both the type skull and the BHI specimen have different head proportions from "Jane", the LACM baby, and other juvenile T. rexes. The Nano skulls have a greater degree of binocular vision (which T. rex only developed as adults). Also the BHI specimen is larger than the type, and shows that Nanotyrannus retailed its high tooth count and gracile jaws well into maturity - something that would not happen if it was a juvenile T. rex. The BHI specimen also includes the arms, which are FAR larger relative to the body than anything you get in T. rexes of any age group. It's a long-armed tyrannosaur if there ever was one. The claws are also oversized. If you compare the Nano skulls with the Jane skull, not only are the proportions and the orientation of the eye sockets different, but the key reinforcement points of the skull are also different - as well as Nano having a premaxillary notch not present in Jane, and lacking the upturn in the snout which typifies the young T. rex.

Horner's masterstroke was to confuse everything - much like he spewed confusing information on TV programs in the 90s about the anatomy of T. rex to make it look incapable of hunting. He confused Jane with Nano, as a slippery means of synonymizing Nano into T. rex (whereas Jane and Nano are actually quite different). He also confused Dracorex with Stygimoloch and Stygimoloch with Pachycephalosaurus (confusion by incremental steps), using only a cast of Dracorex, a skull of Stygimoloch which was actually mature and reabsorbing dome bone tissue (apparently assuming this condition mysteriously gets reversed!), and several isolated and non-diagnostic skull domes without the spiked portion, many of which actually have few of no sutures despite being much smaller than the dome of Pachy. But neither here nor there, since these are not complete skulls. Horner's masterstroke was to confuse all of these remains (list them all, include photographs of only the most "useful" ones for his theory, but still do a token admission that other skulls may indicate something else, but to MINIMIZE that, so as not to be accused of unethical practices or intentionally omitting or cherry-picking evidence outright - though they can still get away with cherry-picking the interpretations and significance of the various skulls on the list). Then he pretends that the skulls conclusively "prove" his theory of every small tyrannosaur and every small bonehead in Maastrichtian-age Montana fitting into a neat T. rex or Pachycephalosaurus ontogeny, when in reality they do nothing of the sort.

Even Horner's co-authors seem to know his theory is a desperate stretch when you actually pick apart the features of the skulls closely. You should hear the tall tales and flat-out denials they invent to "explain" how Torosaurus has so many more frill studs than Triceratops, why more Toro horns don't look like mature Triceratops horns, what the (immature) ANSP skull is, why the MOR skulls look immature despite being so huge, why Dracorex's face is already adapted for mature spike-interlock head-butting, or how Nanotyrannus has forward vision and Jane doesn't.

For more info go here:…

And here:…
(2 Replies)
Dinosaurzzz Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Atlantis536 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can you do a skeleton of a dinosaur that is not a sauropod (if you will do a sauropod next, preferably it should be not a brachiosaur or a tall-necked macronarian)
Paleo-King Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
That can happen, I do take commissions. Send me a note/PM and we can work out the details.
Jdailey1991 Featured By Owner May 6, 2017
What are your thoughts on the pachy controversy?
Paleo-King Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Which one? I didn't realize Pachyrhinosaurus was controversial.
Jdailey1991 Featured By Owner May 7, 2017
No, PachyCEPHALOsaurus.
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